The Jerusalem Post (אנגלית): סטודנטים לעיצוב ולהנדסה בשנקר פיתחו בגדים חכמים המצביעים על עתיד האופנה

סטודנטים מהמחלקות לעיצוב אופנה ולהנדסת תוכנה בשנקר מפתחים את הדור הבא של "מחשוב לביש" עם מגוון פרויקטים מרתקים המשלבים בין טכנולוגיה לעיצוב.



Seemingly stemming from science fiction for a strut down the runway, the students are designing items such as camouflage dresses that change color depending on the wearer's surrounding and garments with integrated sensory functions that can monitor heart-rate. 

Other prototypes of the new-age apparel being designed at Shenkar, include pieces that signal proximity to alcohol through hue variation and adapt depending on lighting levels.

The production of "smart' clothing will prove "to become an important sector in the hi-tech world," according to the heads of the college's software engineering and fashion design divisions. 

"Wearable computing will become more and more an applicable part of our daily lives in the future," say software engineering department head Dr. Amnon Dekel and fashion design department head Leah Peretz. 




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