Center for Innovation ACT Shenkar

ACT is the central entrepreneurship specialist at Shenkar. The Center supports business development of students, graduates and faculty members, leading their creative ideas towards economic sustainability.

The global trend towards Industry 4.0 and the creative economy is generating a notable shift in creative recognition - with 31% of start-ups in the world today founded by designers, rather than technology experts. This new industry creates a greater need for human skill sets, that are intrinsically embedded into creative teaching and practices, including: complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Recognizing this, ACT understood the necessity to establish an innovation center within academies today – developing creative talent whilst it is in the early stages of formation. As such, the range of initiatives the center offers provide a dynamic framework for individuals to excel in their careers. Highlights include: a successful Accelerator program, that provides necessary business training and seed funding to the most original projects; strong links with local business eco-systems; responsibility for hosting the international "Creative Business Cup" competition in Israel; and supervision of Shenkar’s commercialization and patents portfolio.

The Center's leading programs include:

  • ACT Design Accelerator
  • EU Projects: CLEVER, Tempus Idea & Tempus Iris
  • Creative Business Cup – Israel
  • The ‘New Campus’ – collaboration with Tel Aviv University

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