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Galit Gaon

Design Curator & Collector gaon@shenkar.ac.il

Since 2018, Galit adopts the senior position at the External Studies Department, as the Head of Post Graduate Program in Design Curating, as well as the Head of Interdisciplinary Studies Unit. She also directs the annual interdisciplinary hackathon event known as JamWeek. Since 2016, Galit has been teaching in the departments of Industrial Design, Visual Communication and Interior, Building and Environment Design.

Until June 2016, Galit fulfilled a ten-year career as the Chief Curator of the Design Museum Holon, and the Founder and Director of the Israeli Cartoon Museum at the Mediatheque Cultural Center, Holon. She oversaw the management and curation of over 30 design exhibitions and 70 caricature and comic exhibitions, alongside dozens of international, mobile exhibitions representing Israeli artists abroad.

Previously, she was a Senior Lecturer at the Bezalel Academy, teacher at the Holon Institute of Technology, and Head of the Product Design Department at Ascola School of Design, Tel Aviv. Over the years, she has designed, developed and curated museum programs, curatorial studies and industrial design grant programs that have supported and nourished the growth of a strong and successful design community in Israel and beyond.

As well as initiating conferences and exhibitions of both Israeli and international design, Galit also acts as accompanying curator of museums in Israel and abroad. She holds membership in numerous jury, steering and management committees of international design competitions and exhibitions, including the Ministry of Culture, Education and Sport; the Rothschild Design Award; the "Fresh Design" project of 'Mifal Hapayis' and many more.

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