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Multidisciplinary Art School

Head of School: Dr. Shachar Freddy Kislev
Study Term: Four Years (Total credit Points: 160)
The School awards its graduates with a B.F.A (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree

As visual language plays a more central role in all walks of life and as reality becomes increasingly multi-cultural and complex, the role of art as a primary tool of self-expression, for structuring collective identities and social critique, is intensified.

In order to train artists for coping with the complex challenges introduced by modern culture, the Multidisciplinary Art School offers a layered and integrated learning environment, in which all fields of knowledge and creativity, which are relevant for today’s artist, are addressed - including manual studio work, digital computer processing, as well as historical and theoretical studies.

The school offers its students a broad foundation of means for expression and patterns of thinking, whilst encouraging them to use their personal memories and experiences, in order to develop their own unique point of view. This point of view is expressed through a variety of means available to them, or by creating new and innovative combinations.
The existence of art studies in the engineering and design environment at Shenkar exposes the art students to a variety of concepts and technologies that enhance the tools available to them and enrich the multidisciplinary context of art.

Shenkar’s location within the tumultuous fabric of the metropolitan Dan area, turns the city itself, with all its art institutions and varied populations, into a natural, dynamic environment for art studies.

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