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Department of Visual Communication

Department Head: Mr. Asaf Hanuka
Study Term: Four Years (160 Credit Point)
The Department awards its graduates with a Bachelor of Design - Visual Communication degree

The visual communications field deals with the manner in which messages are transmitted visually (the information reaches the eye, which transfers it to the consciousness, the brain and creates emotion).

This profession involves creating visual stimuli, the purpose of which is to cause conscious change of the spectator, to understanding, pleasure, etc. This field is based on art and creation, on the one hand, and on marketing and sales, on the other.

One can say that this field is all about manipulation: manipulation of our environment (such as the erection of signage), as well as manipulation of those exposed to the work (for example: change the opinion of an election candidate).

Those involved in visual communication design the visual environment and thus, affect various aspects of the culture, media, commerce, society and the public sphere.

During the past few decades, this profession has significantly developed. The incorporation of the Internet, smartphones, GPS, tablets, e-books and many other interfaces invented daily, created an all-encompassing visual and communications world, available 24/7.

This profession, which used to handle only two dimensions, currently designs in three dimensions or even four (the fourth being time). The lines between product design and the environment, cinema and animation have blurred and therefore, students today have to handle materials and space, time and sound. These rapid changes require an ability to improvise, be creative, flexible and curious.

The department, one of the best of its kind in Israel, strives for both professional and intellectual excellence. We provide students with extensive knowledge on all relevant aspects of design and encourage creativity, originality and sensitivity to the form and design aspects of reality.

The department offers many opportunities to experiment and practice, in addition to the studies of humanities and culture. Students are given tools for self-development as unique creators, while addressing their environment: the studio, city, society, state, economy and the industry.    

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