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Master's Degree in Digital Game Design and Development

Head of the Master's Degree Dr. Vered Pnueli

Program duration: Two academic years (48 credit points).

Degree name and abbreviation: Master's in Design - M.Des. Master's Degree in Digital Game Design and Development (in non-research track that does not include a thesis).

For the first time in Israel, the Council for Higher Education has approved an academic program designed to train students in the design and development of digital games, in a track that encourages research and innovation. 

>> Come, create and take the lead: Shenkar offers a unique Master's Degree program, the only one of its kind in Israel, which allows working towards a master’s degree in the academic study of digital games. The curriculum provides an extensive education in the field of digital game design and development with the understanding that interdisciplinary training in engineering and design with an emphasis on research thinking, will give graduates a decisive advantage in any future activity in the industry. 

The curriculum was built with the understanding that the interdisciplinary field of digital games requires specialization in a variety of fields. The set of courses in the program was devised with an aim to train students to be leaders and innovators in the digital games industry. Our students learn how to use and implement the latest technologies of Game Tech as they research new dimensions and possibilities for expanding games and play experiences.


The structure of the studies allows development of a mutual language for interdisciplinary research and for working in joint teams of engineers and designers. Students in the program will learn how to research and create in order to become industry leaders, artists, designers, writers, programmers, educators and entrepreneurs in the field. The program works in collaboration with the thriving gaming industry and the games community in Israel and abroad.


For the first time ever, the 21st century job market is based on a generation that grew up with digital games and has developed gaming literacy skills. Digital games are changing the way in which we experience stories. Games accelerate the development of new technologies for media consumption and digital innovation. Games became a significant tool for engaging people to socialize together and for motivating communities to act. 


The diverse employment and research areas in the digital games sector attract people from various backgrounds seeking professional careers in the gaming industry - whether as independent designers and entrepreneurs, or as part of the development teams of large-scale games. 


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* The degree is conditional on the approval of the Council for Higher Education.

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