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Shenkar Alumni Association

Every year, an outpour of Shenkar's top-notch alumni enriches local and international art, design, engineering and management scenes. Shenkar's Alumni Association was founded with the purpose of serving as a supportive hub for these recent graduates as well as senior alumni: keeping in touch, helping to position their business and social networks, whilst preserving the various aspects of Shenkar’s institutional heritage. With over 5000 members and growing, the network is accumulating a strong cohort of creative talent seeking exciting opportunities.

To support the alumni, the association aims to provide three key services: entrepreneurial, social and promotional opportunities – all of which work together. The entrepreneurial opportunities exist internally and externally, with career assistance from ACT Shenkar, the Placement and Employment Center, as well as business-oriented events and competitions. Many alumni also seek employment from within the graduate pool, which we encourage through our promotional activity. The regular newsletters and social media platforms provide everything graduates need to know about the latest opportunities and news. We want to shine a spotlight on the work and careers that evolve after graduating, so we encourage alumni to keep us informed of emerging success stories, which we endeavor to promote.

The association would not be complete without regular social opportunities, where graduates can reunite, network and collaborate. To accommodate this, there are a plethora of regular events throughout the year, including lectures, seminars, social meetings and knowledge gatherings for graduates to attend – all of which are posted on the Alumni Facebook page. We also encourage collaborative activities between alumni, enabling a continuation of interdisciplinary projects to flow; just fill out this short survey and the association will link you up with other interested members.

Finally, as well as local activity, the association endeavors to involve its vast global network of international relations, including our wonderful exchange students whom we encourage to stay in touch and play an active role in the alumni body. Presently, our international partners offer many successful opportunities for alumni, and we welcome further initiatives from anyone abroad who wishes to get involved and work with the alumni association – be that through internships and employment opportunities, funding, competitions and more.

If you are a graduate of Shenkar and you wish to join the Association, or for further information, please contact us at: bogrim@shenkar.ac.il

Jobs for Engineering Graduates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/318988488526613/

Jobs for Design Graduates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/231318580704471/

Jobs for Industrial Engineering and Management Graduates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/899463510228728/

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