CIRTex // The David & Barbara Blumenthal Israel Center for Innovation and Research in Textiles

The David & Barbara Blumenthal Israel Center for Innovation and Research in Textiles, CIRTex at Shenkar, is dedicated to the advancement of textile innovation and research with the objective to reinvigorate the field in Israel and promote the utilization of advanced textile techniques, processes of production, and fields of implementation.

The work at CIRTex spans different contexts: academic, industrial and commercial and fuses interdisciplinary expertise in science, engineering and design.

How We Work

CIRTex oversees and coordinates a series of parallel research projects centered on textile innovation. The methodology of research is applied and includes: material prototyping, simulation, modelling and testing. Process-related and product-related research is promoted, from traditional textile manufacturing techniques to futuristic textiles encompassing a wide range of applications.

CIRTex offers a framework that enables collaboration between existing prominent commercial players as well as startups and individuals. Each collaboration is fostered under customized terms: funding is typically sourced by an interested commercial entity, whereas CIRTex provides: technology, expertise, and team building - including faculty and students, connections and facilitation.

Current Focus at the Center

Smart electronic textiles and wearables; digital tools and processes for manufacturing textiles; sustainability of textile production and distribution; textile-based composite materials; advanced textiles for future scenarios; and textile product design development. 

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