Curriculum and Majors: The Software ngineering Department

The curriculum of the The Departmnet of Software Engineering provides students with the following tools:

  • A Deep and thorough understanding of basic sciences (mathematics, physics and computers), in order to work in industrial research and development.
  • Advandced engineering and management skills.
  • The department exposes the student to the current developments of the leading technological industries worldwide and advanced communication means. To that end, the department initiates, in addition to the regular studies, meetings with guest-lecturers from the industry, as well as joint projects with the industry.
  • The department nurtures innovation in hi-tech, aiming to train the student for business entrepreneurship and develop ideas in a methodical and tangible manner.
  • Understanding of traditional industries, in a manner which shall ensure development, implementation and management of hi-tech technologies best suited for the needs of such traditional industries.

In the framework of the studies for software engineering, 21 credit points must be completed during the 3rd and 4th year of the studies by electing certain elective courses.

The elective courses are divided as follows:

  • Elective Courses from the Major: 15 credit points (completing the major counts to at least 9 credit points)
  • General Elective Courses:  6 cedit points.

The department offers the following majors:

  • Analytical Computing: This field complements the software engineering studies provided by the core studies, while emphasizing engineering and analytical methods for software systems development.
  • Network Computing:  The ever-growing reliance on the Internet in the computer world and the vast profound influence of the Internet on our commerce, industry and even culture, require special attention. This major specializes in technology, software and applications of the Internet world.
  • Device Computing: The touch-computers and smartphones revolution provided cheap and accessible computing power to everyone, and therefore, proved to be tremendously successful over the past few years, ever since the first iPhone was introduced. This revolution affected also the close field of entertainment computing. Entertainment computing is a wide field, which includes video games technology, sensing and control systems over the games (such as the Xbox Kinect, developed by Prime Sense, an Israeli company), as well as 3D engines. This major specializes in these sorts of matters.

In addition, theThe Departmnet of Software Engineering offers a flexible study program for working students, in order to allow them to continue working while studying for their B.Sc. Degree.

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