Shenkar's Management

Shenkar's Board of Governors hold the highest authority in the institution, they determine the main points of management, development and budget policies. The Board of Governors comprises both Israeli and foreign members, and includes key players in the Israeli economy, industry and academia.

The Board of Directors are selected from the Board of Governors, responsible for establishing the institution's current policy and overseeing professional subcommittees. 

Members of the Executive Committee
Mrs. Orit Efrati

.Chairwoman of the International Board of Governors, Shenkar

.Chairwoman of Friends of Shenkar

Mr. Zvika Yemini Chairman of the Executive Committee.
Prof. Yuli Tamir

President of Shenkar.

Executive Committee Member.

Mr. Oren Dror Executive Committee Member
Hannah Perry-Zen Executive Committee Member
Mr. Meir Dalumi Executive Committee Member
Mr. Shuki Schwartz Executive Committee Member
Eliezer Shakedi Executive Committee Member
Nir Ben Yosef Executive Committee Member
Shlomi Parisette

Chairman of the Finance Committee.

Executive Committee Member.

Tzipi Landau Executive Committee Member
Adv. Dror Kaveh CEO of Shenkar
Prof. Shraga Kirshner Representative to the Faculty Committee
Mr. Tom Pesach Chairman of the Shenkar Student Union
Gad Proper Audit Committee Chairman
Prof. Shmuel Kening Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
Prof. Yael Moriah

Dean of the Faculty of Design.

Head of the MA Design Program.

Mr. Pinni Leibowitz Dean of Students


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