Meeting Point: End of Year Events at Shenkar

15/7/21 10:00 - 29/7/21 22:00

For Shenkar, being a place of encounters forms a core part of its academic ethos: encounters between design and engineering, art and design, one person and another, between man and machine, man and material, handcrafts and technology, text and image.

Shenkar College has set itself the lofty goal of creating as many of these encounters as possible. Every such encounter creates a unique connection between two elements. This connection is the start of a process with an outcome that is impossible to predict, but that will open up new possibilities.

This process will set in motion a change that, when it concludes, will teach us something new that we didn’t know before, and will enable us to become a part of something bigger; something that expands our knowledge and inspires others.

The end-of-year events at Shenkar will officially open on July 15th. These will include sessions and guided tours for the general public, where the results of the students’ efforts in the various departments at Shenkar will be exhibited.

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מאיה שטיין

Maya Stein’s graduate project (Department of Jewelry Design): jewelry as a way to connect with nature (image: Shai Franco, model: Stav Strashko)

Shenkar’s end-of-year events provide an opportunity to meet the designers, entrepreneurs and artists of the future and to admire their prowess and achievements, as well as learning about the latest trends and processes in local and international design and engineering.

פרויקט הגמר של טל ניסתור

Tal Nistor’s graduate project (Department of Visual Communication): a project that considers the dismantling of the city as we know it and its reassembly in accordance with the research of the journalist and author Jane Jacobs.

Opening Times:

The opening event will take place on July 15th at 20:00 / the entrance is through 12 Anne Frank St and 8 Yeda Am St, Ramat Gan.

16-29 July, 2021 (on Sunday, July 8th, Tisha B’Av, the exhibitions will be closed)

School of Multidisciplinary Art: Elite Building/8 Jabotinsky Street, Ramat Gan

  • Sunday - Thursday 11:00-20:00
  • Friday - 10:00-13:00

Departments of design and engineering: Pernick Building – 12 Anne Frank Street, Ramat Gan / Mitchell Building – 8 Yeda Am Street, Ramat Gan

  • Sunday - Thursday 10:00-22:00 
  • Friday - 10:00-13:00

We would like to draw your attention to keeping a distance from each other during the exhibitions and wearing masks throughout your stay in Shenkar.

Design: Gilad Bar

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