Department of Software Engineering

Department Head: Dr. Yonit Rusho
Study Term: Four Years (160 Credit Points)
The Department awards its graduates with a B.Sc. degree

The goal of the studies in the Department of Software Engineering at Shenkar is to train students to work in various fields, including: software engineering, system analysis, design and development of desktop applications, web applications, mobile applications and Internet-based services, computer integrated systems, support technology for video games and new interaction methods.

Graduates of the department work in a wide range of computer and high-tech industries, as well as in service organizations that employ computerization, while others continue their academic route by completing their PhD in various universities in Israel and worldwide.

Why study software engineering at Shenkar?

  1. Cooperation of engineering and design - creates the user experience:  Steve Jobs, the legendary founder and CEO of Apple, proved many times that advanced technology is not enough. Consumers expect that magical component, known as excellent user experience.
    Shenkar is unique, as it generates cooperation of engineering and design faculties. This cooperation gives students a major advantage when it comes to creating such magic.
  2. Focus on State of the Art Fields Mobile and Entertainment Computing: The mobile field is the fastest growing industry in history and is currently providing services for over 5 billion people. The touch-computers and smartphones revolution provided cheap and accessible computing power to everyone, and therefore, proved to be tremendously successful over the past few years, ever since the first iPhone was introduced.
    Entertainment computing is a wide field, which includes video games technology, sensing and control systems over the games (such as the Xbox Kinect, developed by Prime Sense, an Israeli company), as well as 3D engines. Entertainment computing is a form of embedded computing and physical algorithms.
  3. A Cutting-Edge Lab for Mobile and Entertainment Computing: In addition to the advanced computer labs at SHENKAR, which are fully wired and have access to the Internet, a new, cutting-edge lab recently opened for the Departmnet of Software Engineering, especially for Mobile and Entertainment Computing. This lab allows students to develop practical knowhow in these important and current fields. The lab includes end-equipment such as smartphones (Nexus, Samsung Galaxy and Motorola), Smart TVs, embedded computing kits (PIC and Arduino), as well as various electronic gear for system building.
  4. Training for Entrepreneurship and Product Management: Shenkar believes that the future of Israeli hi-tech will not be found only in special army units, but rather in institutions which will ensure to train and educate their graduated to understand the planning, design and management of hi-tech products. The department’s students will undergo professional training which will enable them to become entrepreneurs and build the products of the future.  In support of this process, SHENKAR introduced a unit for business acceleration, which will help student make their dream a reality.
  5. Employment with the Industry: The department’s students quickly find employment in the industry. Some start working during their studies. Our graduates can be found anywhere in the marketplace: large factories, software houses, hi-tech companies, etc. In addition, many of our students continue their studies for M.Sc. and PhD. in Israel and abroad.

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