Department of Polymers & Plastics Engineering

Department Head: Prof. Ofir Amos
Study Term: Four Years (Approx. 160 Credit Point)
The Department awards its graduates with a B.Sc. degree.

Industries in Israel and abroad which are based on polymers and plastics technologies have been the foundation for advanced and modern industries that are constantly developing and innovating. The advancement of the Plastics industry depends on high level of academic human resources.

The Department of Plastics Engineering at Shenkar is the only department in Israel qualifying plastics engineers for Bachelor’s Degrees (B.Sc.) and Master’s Degrees (M.Sc.) in research.

The department includes approx. 120 students, 7 full-time senior faculty members and 2 part-time junior faculty members.

The department was established following the initiative of the plastics and rubber industry in Israel and is operating in full cooperation therewith. The industry annually grants scholarships to students with outstanding sachievements and purchases new and advanced laboratory equipment for the department.

Studies at the Department of Plastics Engineering for a Master’s Degree result in a B.Sc. in plastics engineering and registration in the engineers register as a “plastics engineer”. During their last year, students are required to present a final project, which is usually carried out in cooperation with the industry.

The objective of this program is to teach the required knowledge and skillset for a polymers and plastics engineer, so that he/she could successfully join the industry in this multi-disciplinary profession, as well as carry out advanced research and development of various disciplines relating to this field.

In addition, the department offers a unique program for a Master’s Degree (with a research thesis or final project), which grants a M.Sc. Degree in Plastics Engineering.

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