School of Industrial Engineering & Management

School's Dean: Prof. Ehud Menipaz
The School awards its graduates with a B.Sc. degree and M.Sc. degree
Study Term B.Sc: Four Years (162 Credit Points)
Study Term M.Sc: Two Years (42 Credit Points)

Industrial Engineering and Management focuses on the substance, design, operation and management of production and service provision systems.

Such systems incorporate various aspects, such as the human resources, equipment, processes, data, information and materials required for the production of products or service provision. In addition, various economical and marketing aspects are emphasized.

The School Industrial Engineeering and Management trains highly skilled engineers for senior executive positions, in which they could use the knowledge and skillset that they acquired during their studies. The department offers use of advanced computer labs, fully connected to the Internet, as well as additional computer labs pursuant to the applicable major, which include also the ARENA software for simulation, software for ERP advanced operating management, as well as CRM software for customer relations management.

Recently, a new lab for computer integrated manufacture (CIM) was opened. This lab is equipped with computerized manufacturing resources, such as robots and CNC machines, automatic conveying and storage systems, computerized vision systems, etc.

The School's graduates are employed by a wide variety of industries, such as: hi-tech, metal and electronics, chemistry and plastics industries, as well as business organizations, such as: banks, fashion and apparel chains, and even health organization.

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