Department of Textile Design

Department Head: Mrs. Hadass Himmelschein
Study Term: Four Years
The Department awards its graduates with a Bachelor of Textile Design degree

The design of textiles deals with planning of the cloth's structure (weave, knit, non-woven, lace etc.), design of the pattern on the cloth (print, embroidery etc.) and development of textile products for a wide variety of applications and fields, from fashion and interior to art.

The profession interweaves traditional crafts, advanced industrial design and production and development of smart materials using high technologies. The integrative and fundamentally interdisciplinary nature of textile design is expressed in the close link between the experimental creative ability, visual and material research and technological knowledge and skill. 

Those professional features are derived from the rich history of the world's textile cultures. Being a basic commodity, the cloth is involved in the extreme situations and states of transition in human life (birth, puberty, marriage, death and others) and is one of the first attributes of a civilization. Textiles are suffused with cultural meanings, reflecting in their appearance and making. Currently textiles have become an important practice in contemporary art and critical debates dealing with the boundaries and links between art, craft and design.

Contemporary textiles reveal rich and complex structures, which  touch every domain of life both on the level of everyday functions, and as vital aesthetic presences. As vehicles of aesthetic-technological invention and dreaming, today's textiles present a form of a "material thinking", which draws its critical theoretic potential from the unique historical experience, as well as the soft and elastic philosophy of cloth, of the fold and the interweaving. 

What do we teach?
The studies in the Textile Design Department prepare the students for this complex world by way of a unique dialogue between materials and ideas. The program provides an integrated toolbox of skills, technologies, theory and historical knowledge, emphasizing holistic approaches to design practice, environmental and social responsibility and individual creativity.

The student is equipped with a practical and in-depth knowledge of the textile making, production and manufacturing in printed, woven, knitted and non-woven textiles, as well as general surface design and design of textile-based products.

  • Constructed textiles:
    The program aims to develop the vision and skill of a designer specializing in constructed textiles (weave, knit) to operate in high resolution: designing the material's structure, imbuing it with particular characteristics, and so directing the creative process to a specific product or field of application. 
  • Printed textiles:
    Focus of the program is on the creation of an up-to-date visual formula, which is developed according to the fabric's predestination and the designer's personal creative agenda, confirming and simultaneously reinventing the familiar textile surface.  

Constructed textiles and printed "flat" textiles are different, but closely related facets of the same material and cultural order. The studies allow the students to explore the authentic characteristics and specialty of the two paradigms of expression and production.

In the students' creative processes this integrated expertise, together with an in-depth research of visual and material contemporary cultures, give birth to a new material thinking, addressing, via collaborations with other departments in Shenkar, questions of sustainability, production processes, complex geometries and soft interactive surfaces. At the same time the classical backbone of textiles, the world of motifs, colors and textures, e.g. design of quality collections for contemporary fashion or interior spaces remains as relevant as ever.

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