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Department of Industrial Design

Department Head: Mrs. Merav Peretz
Study Term: Four Years
The Department awards its graduates with a Bachelor of Industrial Design degree

The Department of Industrial Design trains designers who are able to develop products that offer significant added value. The key to this is creative thinking, defining the connection between the user and the product, and the ability to discover and define new needs.

This approach is expressed in the department’s overall outlook, which sees importance in designing original and innovative products that have human meaning and answer the diverse needs of the user, manufacturer and the market.

Students receive professional education in design on both the theoretical and practical levels. This includes teaching and development of technical know-how, familiarity with materials and manufacturing processes on the one hand, as well as an understanding of the broader social-cultural-market context, on the other, in order to define and create a product as an aesthetic whole. The department’s faculty is comprised of active and skilled designers with diverse fields of specialization.

In addition to developing expert skills in design and presentation, the department’s students engage in research to determine user needs, based on courses such as: Ethnography and Psychology for Defining User/Product Interface.

By engaging in research and learning various strategies and methodologies for coping with problems, as well as two-dimensional and three-dimensional developments, students improve their creative directions for generating quality solutions.

Since ideas, good as they may be, are only as effective as can be communicated, courses in imaging and model building are supported and complemented through various projects that help students improve their ability to communicate.

As they advance in their studies, the students gradually participate in more complex projects, occasionally in collaboration with industry or external entities, in which the need for teamwork and a broad, multidisciplinary outlook is emphasized.

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