Program of Master Degree in Design

M.Des. Program Director: Dr. Maya Shmailov
Study Term: Two Years (60 Credit Points)
Graduates of this Program receive a M.Des. Degree in Design

During the past decade, we have witnessed the inclusion of fashion, textile, jewelry and accessories design in art museums, as well as the opening of museums dedicated to design. The fashion industry in Israel today creates products worth $2.5 billion annually (including about $1 billion for export).

In light of the fact that manufacture is transferred to countries with inexpensive production capacity, the major competition is taking place in the fields of design, management and marketing. Thus, unique creators, and innovative and trailblazing designers will lead the developments in the field.

A master's degree at Shenkar enables, on the one hand, an instruction to the world of applied research and grants an advantage in the collaborative activity of the research world and the industry, while on the other hand, prepares the next generation of teachers in the various fields of design.

Broad education in the fields of design - either for research or theoretic - has great importance and contributes to innovation and creativity in the production of products and their surroundings. This is achieves by the necessary connection between the academy and the industry.

The degree combines a range of design fields and therefore, is suitable for graduates of all fields of design in Israel and abroad.

The studies take place twice a week during Shenakr’s academic year. The duration of the studies is two years, and can be pursued over a maximum of eight semesters.

* Receipt of the degree is subject to the approval of the Council for Higher Education.

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