Shenkar Members Club

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Shenkar Members Club, a club for Shenkar’s young friends

The club’s activities will expose its members to one of Israel’s most fascinating and exciting institutions, which is committed to fusing the technology and design of tomorrow.

We invite you to join us, enjoy the Shenkar magic and benefit from high-quality content in a wide range of fields: space and robotics, fashion and textiles, chemistry, cosmetics and more. All of this shall take place in the form of practical workshops, lectures, exhibitions and other surprises.

Membership in the SMC is an opportunity to support Shenkar graduates and help them integrate into local and global industries. Click here for additional details about joining the club in its first year (and taking advantage of early-bird pricing).

We invite you to become a part of an innovative and creative world, one in which we support, impact and shape the future together.

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*SMC is a non-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible.

At the top of the page: behind the scenes at Fashion Week 2022 (Photo: Adi Segal)

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