Curriculum: Plastics Engineering M.Sc. Research Program

There are three main fields of study in the program:

  1. Advanced engineering
  2. Structure, properties and applications of polymers
  3. Processing and characterization of polymers

In addition to the courses studied, the graduate student will complete a final project or a research project.

If the student’s chosen route is a Master's Degree without a thesis, the student must present a final project, which objective is to train the student in various methods of engineering design, including critical survey, theoretical or engineering analysis and research carried out in the lab or the industry, emphasizing the useful engineering approach.

If the student’s chosen route is a Master's Degree with a thesis, the student must carry out and present an independent research in a committee-approved subject, including literature survey of the chosen subject, an innovative research and submission of an essay. The research may comprise experimental and theoretical, basic or applied approaches, with emphasis on scientific methodology and discussion of research results.

The number of credit points required for the degree:

  • 22 credit points of studies + 18 credit points for the research, for a M.Sc. Degree (with a thesis)
  • 22 credit points of studies + 8 credit points for the final project, for a M.Sc. Degree in engineering (without a thesis)

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