The Institute for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Research

The Institute for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Research, headed by Dr. Nir Debotton, focuses on the development and investigation of advanced drug delivery systems (nanomedicine) using nanoparticles, nanocapsules, mini-emulsions and liposomes. This activity is at the forefront of nanotechnology and has advanced applications in the field of nanomedicine and dermocosmetics.

The institute enables the development of medical and cosmetic formulations, and the testing of preparations for physicochemical stability. As such, the appropriate equipment and instruments are available to researchers and students, including homogenizers, mixers, a viscometer, microscope and a stability chamber for temperature, humidity and light.

The institute specializes in the development of sun protection preparations and works with members of the local cosmetics industry (e.g. AHAVA) in SPF testing, using the cutting-edge SPF-290S Analyzer Optometrics, which is able to test the following parameters:

  • In vitro SPF - calculation of the preparation’s average is based on the FDA standard or alternatively on the Australian standard.
  • UVA I/UV Ratio - calculated according to the FDA standard.
  • UVA/UVB Ratio
  • UVA PF Value
  • Erythema UVA PF Value
  • Critical wavelength
  • Boots star rating
  • Absorption / Transmission / MPF spectrum of the product

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