Curriculum and Majors: The Department of Textile Design

The program in the Department integrate an explicit professional pathway with general design studies, elective courses and cultural studies and in so doing imbue the graduates with an extended vision of the different facets of the design world.

The professional pathway consists of the three main specializations: print, weave and knit. In each of those the students study the discipline through a wide variety of a creative-technological experiences: from the manual making to the industrial computerized production.

The general design studies include basic design in two and three dimensions, development of visual and material languages and vocabularies, surface and pattern design, technical studies of the textile materials, development of the sketchbook and visual editing, development of a practice based creative research proposal.

Elective courses allow to compose a more individual pathway and to concentrate on particular subjects such as: integrating smart technologies, textile and plastic, environmentally responsible design, one-off designs with manual techniques, contemporary ceremonial textiles and design with reference to historical artifacts, textile art.

The department initiates joint projects with the industry and cultural institutions in Israel, as well as conventions, lectures and workshops of guest lecturers from Israel and abroad. The studies include visits to art and design exhibitions and factories.

Cultural studies: a wide range of courses from the history of textiles to contemporary visual cultures.

Program structure:

  • First year: preliminary basic design studies, basic studies of print, weave and knit, supplementary toolbox (paper folding, sewing and stitching, embroidery, computer graphics), textile materials, cultural studies, academic writing.
  • Second year: textile specialization studies (linking design and technique), sketchbook development, practice-based creative research proposal, electives, cultural studies.
  • Third year: advanced textile  specialization studies (linking technology design and function), cooperation with other departments in Shenkar, design projects and advanced electives, building portfolio, cultural studies.
  • Fourth year: final project (free subject), dissertation.

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