Shenkar's Library

Welcome to Shenkar's Library. Here you can find a unique collection of 30,000 books in fashion, design and textile, as well as engineering of all its verities.  We are subscribed to almost 100 periodicals such as Vogue, Elle, and Promostyl that shows future directions in fashion.

Lots of Israeli Designers and companies have a subscription to our library, and use these materials when they design and create the next season.

Students and staff use the library's professional online databases, where you can find Most of the popular publishers in the world such as "Taylor and Francis", "Wiley", "Springer", "Elsevier", who provide us articles and e-books that can be reached through the online databases.

We believe that a library is not only a place of knowledge, but also a place of culture and social meetings. Students enjoy our events such as jam session concerts and lectures. The atmosphere are energies in our library are exceptional suitable to Shenkar vision.

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