Shenkar's Bernstein Library

 The Sidney & Anita Bernstein Library was established in 1970. It contains the largest collection of textile and fashion-related books, periodicals and videos in Israel, as well as books and periodicals in all other fields taught at Shenkar College, such as plastics engineering, electronics engineering, software engineering, jewelry design, industrial design, graphic design, building and environment design and art.

The Library has two specialized centers - the Industrial Design and Graphic Design Library in loving memory of Ruthy Molcho. In the summer of 2003 The Jewelry Design Library was dedicated in loving memory of Mina Twerski.

The library operates using the Aleph 500 library management system, developed by Israeli company Ex Libris. The system is used by all university libraries in Israel, and many leading universities all over the world.

Shenkar's Library houses over 33,000 books and almost 400 different journals. In addition, the library contains a copy of each student's dissertation project. The facility is fully computerized with real-time access to research databases such as "Full Text Art Index" and "Dialog" on-line and university networks in Israel and abroad. The library is available to students and to the faculty of Shenkar College, and to the industrial community and other academic institutions.

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