Yehoshua Gutman

Head of the Department of Interior Building & Environment Design

Yehoshua Gutman is an architect, graduate of the Advanced Architectural Design Program at Columbia University, New York, and has twenty years of academic teaching experience in Israel and abroad.

“The current global atmosphere, that spans between rapid technological changes and cultural-political perceptions, which do not necessarily coincide with the changes, presents a wonderful opportunity to reexamine and discuss the role of academic institutions”, says Gutman about his vision for the department.

“In the near future, the design professions will have to cope with environmental issues related to transportation and automation, development of materials, ecology and environment, nutrition and health, artificial intelligence and even the relationship between man and machine. With the aim of improving the space we live our lives in through criticism, design and creativity using various means, we will be able to refine and develop pedagogical models for a type of experimental ‘Academic Greenhouse’, which integrates the various disciplines available at Shenkar, and  operate a network of partnerships with the industry and various academic institutions in Israel and abroad”.

Over the past 16 years he has served as a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Design in the Department of Architecture at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. In addition, he is a partner in the Architectural firm of Gutman-Assif Architects Ltd., which leads numerous projects in Israel and abroad, and which formed and which were created, inter alia, though academic collaborations.  

Alongside his academic work, Gutman edited the book “Dreaming of Home” (with Osnat Tadmor and Elad Horn). The book was born from the 2011 social protests, and deals with the housing crisis and high-rise construction in Israel.

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