Dr. Zeev Weissman

Head of the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering zeev_w@shenkar.ac.il

Dr. Weissman has a Ph.D in Engineering from Tel Aviv University (1995), prior to which he completed his Bachelor's Degree at the Technion and his Master's Degree at Tel Aviv University. His field of research is optics. Currently, he is involved in the development of an optical polarimetric sensor for analytical and medical uses.

Selected papers by Dr. Weissman

  • Z. Weissman and A. Hardy, "Distributed out-coupling of second harmonic generation via first order corrugation", IEEE Journal of Quantum Electron., 28, pp. 1848-1854, 1992.
  • Z. Weissman and A. Hardy, "2-D mode tapering via tapered channel waveguide segmentation", Electron. Lett., 33, 1514-1516, 1992.
  • Z. Weissman and A. Hardy, "Modes of periodically segmented waveguides", J. Lightwave Technol., 11, 1831-1839, 1993.
  • Z. Weissman, A. Hardy, M. katz, M. Oron and D. Eger, “Second harmonic generation in Bragg-resonant, quasi phase matched, periodically segmented waveguides”, Opt. Lett., 20, pp. 674-676, 1995
  • Z. Weissman and I. Hendel, "Analysis of periodically segmented waveguide mode expanders", J. Lightwave Technol., 12, pp. 2068-2073, 1995.  
  • Z. Weissman, "Evanescent-field sensor with a periodically segmented waveguide", Appl. Opt., 36, pp.1218-1222, 1997.
  • D. Goldberg, Z. Weissman, “Compact, high-resolution, self-referenced, optical activity polarimeter for high-pressure liquid chromatography systems", Appl. Opt., 53, pp.577-587, 2014.
  • Z. Weissman, D. Goldberg, "Self-referenced, microdegree, optical rotation polarimeter for biomedical applications: an analysis," J. Biomed. Opt., 21, 071104, 2016.

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