Prof. Jonathan Ventura

Prof. Jonathan Ventura is a Design Anthropologist specializing in social and healthcare design. Jonathan completed a PhD in applied design anthropology at a joint venue of the industrial design department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and the anthropology department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He continued to complete a post-doctorate focusing on social design at the Helen Hamlyn centre for design, Royal College of Art, London UK. Today, Jonathan serves as Senior Lecturer at the Department of Inclusive Design at Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem, and at The Unit for History and Philosophy of Art, Design and Technology and The Master Degree Progrem in Design at Shenkar; he is also a research fellow at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, at the Royal College of Art, London.
Ventura specializes in applied anthropology, design anthropology, and social and medical design, focusing on the crossroad between practice, theory and history. His latest publications include 7 entries in the Bloomsbury Design Encyclopedia; Ventura, Jonathan and Shvo, Galit. 2018. “I Just Cut my Finger in a Ninja Fight: The Semiotics and Hermeneutics of the Band-Aid”. Punctum. International Journal of Semiotics (special issue on design semiotics) 4(1): 179-201; Ventura, Jonathan and Ventura, Gal. 2018. “From Classic Content Analysis to Multi-Faceted Design Research”. SAGE Research Methods Cases; Ventura, Jonathan and Gunn, Wendy. 2017. "Now You See Me Now You Don’t: Medical Design Anthropology, Improvisational Practices and Future Imaginings". Anthropology in Action 24(3): 45-55; Yacobi, Haim, Ventura, Jonathan and Danzig, Sharon. 2016. "Walls, Enclaves and the [Counter] Politics of Design". Journal of Urban Design. 

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