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A renowned artist, who started his artistic work back in the 1970s, after graduated from Bezalel academy.

Keren has been an active member of the Zik Group from its inception in 1985. The Zik Group is a unique artistic phenomenon, characterized by an interdisciplinary blending of territories, media and styles. The Zik Group was founded by artists, most of whom graduated from Bezalel School of Art and Design.

Currently,  the Zik Group consists of 11 active members, as well as other partners from various adjacent disciplines – architectural design, film, music to name a few. The Group creates indoor and outdoor performances, sculptures and stage settings for the visual arts.

Throughout the years, both within and outside the framework of the Zik Group, Keren has shown many exhibitions and performances locally and internationally. Together with the Group, he won the 1990 Critic’s Award for Visual Arts; in 1994 second prize at the Akko Festival and in 2001 won the Ministry of Science and Culture Award for Plastic Arts.

In addition, Sharon Keren participated in numerous joint exhibitions, among them performance art at the Akko Festival with Gabby Klezmer, at the Israel Museum, and at art galleries exhibitions throughout Israel and Europe. With Tamara Rickman, he presented two exhibitions: “Transit Berlin” and “For The Right-Wing”.

Keren, who began teaching at the Bezalel Art Department back in the late Seventies, has extensive teaching experience. Between 2011-2016 he has been the head of The Department of Jewelry Design in Shenkar.

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