Dr. Shachar Freddy Kislev

Head of Multidisciplinary Art School

Shachar Freddy Kislev (B.a. M.f.a. M.a. Ph.d. chair) is an artist, a scholar in the history of philosophy, a filmmaker, and an amatur interpeneur.

His artistic work, which was awarded several awards, is characterized by a very certain shade of humor: it is amusing, but not comical.  

His doctoral dissertation was completed in Tel Aviv University. Prior to that he completed two master degrees - one in the history of philosophy, and the other in filmmaking - from the same institute. He is a German Idealism scholar, with particular emphasis on Hegel and the forgotten tradition of naturphilosophie. His recent research project is an attempt to bring together the digital humanities with philosophy. Apart from his work at the history and philosophy department in Shenkar, he teaches at several academic institutions - including Tel Aviv University, Bezalel, and the Kibbutzim college.

His teaching areas are diverse, and his courses tend towards the experimental in both content and form.

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