Raviv Orna


Orna Raviv is a director and producer of fictional and documentary films. She teaches at the Cultural Studies Program and the Interior Building and Environment department. She completed her PHD studies at the School of Philosophy, Tel Aviv University (2015). Her dissertation: "Beyond the Screen: The Ethical Dimension of the Cinematic Experience" deals with the interface between cinematic theory and ethics. 

Raviv holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema (1987), and a MA degree cum laude in Philosophy from Tel Aviv University (2007).  She is the winner of the Dan David Prize scholarship in the field of Cinema and Society (2011) and the co-founder and organizer of the annual international conference on Israeli documentary cinema in Jerusalem: A Look from the Inside, a Look from the Outside.

Among her films: Lod Detour. (2009). Jerusalem Day. (2007). Hat of Jerusalem (2005). Dogs Are Color Blind (1996). Her films were screened in many international film festivals and were broadcasted in Israel and abroad. 


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