Dr. Naama Shulman


Expert in Medieval art, with an emphasis on 13th century German gothic sculpture; art history lecturer in the Cultural Studies Unit.

Shulman earned her Ph.D. from the Department of History at Tel Aviv University and is researching the myth of the “Genius German Artist” from the middle ages, who allegedly preceded Michelangelo and Leonardo DaVinci.

As part of her academic work, Shulman teaches courses dedicated to analyzing and understanding works of art, as well as Medieval art, at Tel Aviv University and at the Open University, and in addition she lectures on a wide range of areas of art, from classical masterpieces and the Renaissance to various aspects of erotica.

Shulman is a committee member in IMAGO, Israeli association of researchers, teachers, students, and connoisseurs of medieval and early modern visual culture, the objective of which is to promote the study of Medieval and early modern art in Israel.

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