Dr. Gal Michalle


Dr. Michalle Gal's - the head of the Cultural Studies Program at Shenkar - main fields of research include aesthetics and the philosophy of art, the philosophy of language, visual culture, aestheticism, formalism and modernism, linguistic aesthetics of the 20-21st centuries, linguistic and visual metaphor theories and culture studies.

Dr. Gal studied at the Tel Aviv University and at Columbia University, New York. She was awarded the Wolf Prize for excellence in research for her doctoral studies and received various post-doctoral research grants. Today she also teaches in the Philosophy Department at the Tel Aviv University.

She is active in the international community for aesthetics, has established an international research group, organized international conferences on aesthetics and the study of culture and art, and has appeared at many conferences. She is the author of two books: "Aestheticism: deep formalism and the emergence of modernist aesthetics" (2015) and "Aestheticism in an Era of Conceptual Aesthetics" (2015).

(Cover Photo: Jupiter and Antiope, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn // CC licence from The Morgan Library & Museum)

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