Many Tamar

Director of International Collaboration 03-61100078

Director of International Collaboration and Senior Lecturer in the Visual Communication Department.
Tamar Many’s work is aligned with the ultimate goals of design: to deliver a spark of imagination, to stir emotions and to challenge perceptions.

Together with her students and in cross-disciplinary international collaborations, she tests the boundaries of design, technology and business, kaleidoscoping the fields as they intersect. Her guiding ethos is that talent-infused situations will always produce something good.

In her teaching role, she has developed curricula and led multidisciplinary design courses in Visual Communications, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Environmental Design, Industrial Design and Experimental Lab.

Her academic trajectory has also included leading Shenkar’s foreign students and exchange programs, a platform which nourished her understanding of how to effectively collaborate with the best schools in the world, and which served as a good foundation for her present work on joint university programs.

Current and recent projects center around exploring the frontier of social entrepreneurship in a globalized world. In 2008 she co-founded the luxury stationery brand Textured Paper, sourcing production from a nonprofit which employs people with special needs.

Recently she founded and hosted a series of hackathons: Reinventing Shopping, crossing MBA students from Cornell Tech with the Sears startup incubator in Israel together and Shenkar design departments; and the Power of Art Hackathon - a Shenkar collaboration with the Philadelphia Museum.

In 2015, she founded or co-founded several projects, including: Visual Narration - a digital online class in collaboration with Yale School of Management and Yale Design; Nation Branding - a research-based project following Wharton’s “Best Countries” study; and the Reimagine Education conference. She facilitates the Wharton Social Entrepreneurship collaboration, and was recently honored to be the keynote speaker at their Nation Brand Conference.

Tamar embodies the can-do-must-do ambition of the best of Israeli innovation, and encourages her students to do the same. 

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