Lea Peretz

leahperez@shenkar.ac.il 03-6110023

Mrs. Leah Perez has B.A. in History of Art and History of the Western World from the Haifa University and M.A. in History of Art from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

In addition, she was a lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and Head of the Fashion Design Department at SHENKAR between 1994 – 2003. Between 2003 – 2006, Mrs. Perez served as cultural attaché of the Israeli Embassy in Bogota, Colombia, and as a lecturer at El Rosario University in Bogota.

Since September 2006, she resumed her role as head of the DEPARTMENT of FASHION DESIGN at SHENKAR. As of October 2006, she is serving in the Board of Directors of Delta Galil Industries.  






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