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Prof. Larry Abramson - born in South Africa - presented numerous exhibitions worldwide, including, among others, in the Baretta Urdang Gallery in New York (1978/1980), the Biennale in Venice (1986), Israel Museum (1989), Tel Aviv Museum of Art (1993) and the Magnes Museum in Berkley (2006). Last year he presented the exhibition “1967”, dedicated to the Six-Day War, which was received very well.

Abramson headed the art department at Bezalel between 1992-1999, where he directed Bezlael’s program for Young Artists – a M.F.A program. He was a guest lecturer in the Art Institute of San Francisco, the art department of the University of Haifa and in the faculty of design of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. After assisting in its foundation and since 2002, he has been one of the professors of the DEPARTMENT of MULTIDECIPLINARY ART at SHENKAR.

The works of Abramson, who has been creating since the 1970s, are frequently challenged by art history and theory, yet maintain contemporary expression and the characteristics of the time. During the past 25 years, he took part in various exhibitions and projects for an equal co-existence between Israeli and Palestinians and was even one of the founders of “Artists without Walls” – a joint group of Israeli and Palestinian artists against the occupation.

His exhibition “tsooba” in the Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, in 1995, became the focal point of the debate regarding the ideology of Israeli landscape and the representations thereof. His exhibition “Mini Israel” in the Israel Museum in 2006, in participation of 45 artists, offered an alternative utopic model of Israeli space.

In extensive retrospective of Abramson’s work was shown in 2010 in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, to rave reviews. Throughout the years, Abramson won numerous awards, including the Beatrice S. Kolliner Award for a Young Israeli Artist (Israel Museum, 1979), Jacques Ohana Prize (Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 1991), The Minister of Education and Culture Prize (1998) and Mendel and Eva Pundik Prize for Israeli Art (Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2007).  

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