Oded Kutok


Architect and designer, specializing in urban design, member of faculty in the Department of Interior Design, Building and Environment and final project advisor for forth year students. 

Kotok has an M.Sc. in Architecture from the London School of Economics and a B.Arch. from the Tel Aviv University School of Architecture. Founder and leader of the Multidisciplinary Design Firm, founder and co-director of the Present Time Group - The Firm for the Exploitation of Urban Opportunities”, dealing with multidisciplinary urban design on a national, regional and urban scale, in urban design and architecture and serves as a consultant for the planning administration, municipalities, government ministries and other large bodies.

Alongside his work as a self-employed designer, Kotok co-heads the design team of the National Master Plan for Land Transportation Infrastructure, prior to which he was party to the design of the number 1 Integrative National Master Plan, co-headed the team that prepared the Plan for the Renewal of Petach Tikva City Center, and was party to the preparation of numerous urban plans and detailed local planning, including public spaces.

Kotok’s work has been exhibited in the leading exhibitions and trade shows in the word, including at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, and at the International Biennale of Urban Landscape Architecture in Bat Yam, and won him scholarships and excellence awards. Simultaneously, Kotok teaches architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning.

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