Hadass Himmelschein

Head of the Department of Textile Design hadass@shenkar.ac.il

Hadass Himmelschein is a senior lecturer in the Department of Textile Design, a textile designer and activist, who is engaged in research and development of contemporary textile materials and techniques, industrial and hand weaving, and promotes collaborations with the industry in Israel and abroad. 

Himmelschein is a graduate of the department of Textile Design at Shenkar and upon graduation  began working in the local industry as a studio designer and later as Head Designer and Studio Manager at Ramtex Design, Delta, Fibrotex, Tefen Textile and more. Over the course of her work she has led computerization and digitization processes in the industry, promoted collaborations in the local and international market, initiated and managed projects, created and produced collections for international textile exhibitions. In recent years she has served as a consultant for various companies and is involved in the design and development of textile and jacquard structures.

She serves as a senior lecturer in the Department of Textile Design, teaches design studio courses and inter-departmental courses and collaborations with external companies and entities on the subject of design and innovation. Initiates and integrates current content in the professional arena and in the curriculum. Furthermore, Himmelschein researches current textile trends, advanced technologies and their implementation in the design process, and serves as a researcher at CIRTex Shenkar - The David & Barbara Blumenthal Israel Center for Innovation and Research in Textiles.

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