Druckman Gil

Toy and Game Inventor http://aurica.co.il/

As an industrial engineer and consultant to factories he joined a friend to develop an inventory control learning game for different courses. As they've finished developing it, a graphologist has told him that his profession should deal with patents, inventions and games development. This was a good trigger for him to push forward, and his inventing career has started.

During the last 38 years, approximately 100 games and toys invented by him and his partner have launched in the toy market, and some of them were very successful. Among them were: "3D Sculpture puzzle", "Game of games", "Hungry Huey", "Choo Choo Loop" and more.

Gil had understood that in creativity 1+1=3, means it's very fruitful to work together with a partner that each of them has a different strengths and different creative inspiration sources. 

In the last 22 years Gil works together with Danny Hershkovits who is a very talented industrial design. They are inventing in almost all categories in the toy industry and also kitchen and home gadgets. 

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