Dr. Galit Fusman

fusmang@shenkar.ac.il 6110032- 03

Founder of the track for Materials Engineering for Medical Applications in the Department of Chemical Engineering; Occupational Heath Physician; teaches courses in biochemistry, biology for engineers, departmental seminar, pharmacology, physiology, dermatology and cosmetics.

Dr. Fusman began her academic studies at the age of 16, at Tel Aviv University, where she completed her B.Sc. in Biology and continued on directly to earn her doctoral degree in medicine at the Technion, which she completed magna cum laude. She also earned her LL.B at Bar Ilan University and a Master's degree in Occupational Health from Tel Aviv University.

In 2011, Dr. Fusman was one of the only Israelis to successfully complete the international course - Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Products -  at the University of Brussels. At the request of the Ministry of Health, she began putting together a computerized database of cosmetic materials for safety assessment purposes, which would be required in the future under the new Israeli Cosmetics Regulations, about to be approved by the Knesset. Outstanding students from the Department of Chemical Engineering are also participating in the project along with Dr. Fusman.

Dr. Fusman founded the Biomedical and Cosmetic Materials track with the intention of training researchers and engineers to cope with complex problems that require extensive multidisciplinary knowledge and understanding of biological systems, alongside the developments in the various fields of engineering.  This was formulated as the only academic track in Israel that included specialization in materials for cosmetic applications, in close collaboration with the leaders of the cosmetic industry, the Manufacturers Association of Israel and the Cosmetics Department at the Ministry of Health.

Over the course of the years, Dr. Fusman advised numerous students on complex final projects, which they executed in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical and cosmetic enterprises, including Teva, Taro, Omrix, AHAVA, Luminera and Intercosma, and joint projects with Tel Aviv University and the Technion. Dr. Fusman participated in the Cosmetics Europe Conference - Cosmetics at the Crossroads of Science and Regulation in Brussels and was the sole Israeli representative. The conference discussed new developments on the subject of cosmetic regularization and its points of interface with cosmetic sciences, in topics such as nanomaterials, safety assessments, endocrine disruptors, allergy to fragrance ingredients and alternatives to animal testing.

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