Gali Cnaani

Gali Knaani-Sherman is a textile artist and designer, specializing in a variety of weaving, felting, dyeing and printing techniques who teaches at the Department of Textile Design.

Knaani graduated with honors from the Department of Textile Design at Shenkar, after completing her studies, she attended a continued education program in the Kanazawa College of Art in Japan. She has showed her works in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, including at the Tel Aviv Museum of Contemporary Art, Periscope Gallery in Tel Aviv, at GalleryGallery in Kyoto (Japan), at the Eretz Israel Museum in Jerusalem and at the 11th and 14th Triennial of Tapestry in Lodz.

in 2013 Knaani won the prestigious Andy Prize for Contemporary Art and the Design Award from the Ministry of Culture and Sport. The panel of judges that chose her stated that the “disruption of the fabric's clear identity to create a form as enigmatic and intriguing as a sculptural object, the essence of which requires deciphering.... the result is surprising, novel and complete.

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