Prof. Deganit Schocken

International jeweler and jewelry designer, founded and headed the Department of Jewelry Design at Shenkar for nine years, during which she established her position as one of the leaders of the field in Israel, and served as head of the program for the Master's Degree in Design up until 2016. 

Stern-Schocken earn her B.Des. in Industrial Design from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and a M.Des. from the University of Middlesex in London. She has shown her work in numerous solo and group shows in Israel and abroad and has achieved wide recognition and appreciation.

ענק מתוכשט שעיצבה שטרן-שוקן מפחיות מעוכות ממחסום קלנדיה (יח"צ)

Her unique, personal design language earned many prestigious awards and her pieces are numbered among the collections of many galleries, museums and private collectors.

In 2009 Stern-Schocken founded Inyanim, a group of ten Israeli jewelers with a unique voice, who do group shows together around the world. They recently had a show in Portugal, which was highly praised.

In Haaretz’s ranking of Israeli Culture’s 100 Most Influential People, Stern-Schocken was listed as one of the leaders. The editors noted that “when examining the local silver/goldsmithing world, as well as the local craft scene, Prof. Deganit Stern-Schocken's widespread influence is clearly apparent. She working to bring about recognition of the discipline as a legitimate field of design, and not just as a field identified with fashion and consumerism.”

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