Dr. Yigal David

A business expert with a career spanning over 20 years in fields ranging from technology to marketing, primarily in the Israeli telecom industry, Yigal David is a lecturer in the Design for Engineers Master's degree program, and at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management. Over the course of these years, he served as a member of management in a number of companies: VP of Marketing at Pelephone Communications, CEO of SpeechView, a software company associated with the Dutch BAAN, VP of Product Development in Motorola's MIRS Division, and VP of Products and Services in HOT Mobile's founding team. In his last position he served as the CEO of HOT Net from the Altice group and a director on behalf of the owner. 
Yigal holds a Ph.D. in Applied Research from Middlesex University London, which he used to examine the hidden effects of voice and speech during voice interactions, while analyzing their behavioral implications from a business-consumer perspective. His current field of expertise includes, among others, business strategy, big data, emerging technologies, voice sentiment analysis and digital marketing. In addition, he provides consultation services to various companies in Israel and abroad, as well as to new initiatives, in the field of communications infrastructure, IOT and digital business models.
Yigal still believes in democracy, equality and justice, is pro both classical and heavy metal music and is a very loving father to three avid soccer fans.

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