Ilan Beja

Head of the Department of Fashion Design

Ilan Beja is a Fashion designer with extensive experience in design, management and marketing. Among others, he has held the position of VP of Merchandising at H&O and has lectured at the Department of Fashion Design since 1997.


Beja graduated with honors from Shenkar’s Department of Fashion Design (1995), and began working with the leading fashion brands in Israel: initially with Bagir, where he designed the casual fashion line, after which he was appointed Head Buyer and Fashion Designer of the Men’s Clothing Department at Golf & Co. He then served as the Commercial Manager of Max Moretti Shoes and Bags, Polgat, Golf and Sprint. 


In 2008, Beja was appointed CEO of Tag Woman and in 2011 the VP of Merchandising and Fashion of the H&O Group. Currently Beja is entrusted with the creative side of the company, along with his position as senior faculty member at the Department of Fashion Design. 

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