Main projects to support in Shenkar

  • Scholarships based on financial need: Shenkar is located in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, but its students arrive from all across the country, and come from various ethnic and religious backgrounds. Many of Shenkar's students arrive from Israel's eographical and demographical periphery, and are in need of financial support in order to undertake their studies at Shenkar. Every help for them is of great signigicance! – the tuition in Shenkar is 3,000$ per year, and by donating some or all of this some, you can make a potential students enroll, and be part of enabling that student to step out of poverty!
    Scholarships based on creativity and excellence: Shenkar's goal is to nurture excellence, creativity and innovation. Students are encouraged to do so in many ways, amongst them financial support, which is very significant for many of the students. 
  • Capital projects: Be part of Shenkar's future! – make a substantial contribution, which will be recognized across the campus, as you wish.
  • A legacy gift: Dedicating a legacy gift to Shenkar is a generous way to ensure Shenkar's students will continue to enjoy high quality education, with a strong emphasis on innovation and creativity, for many years to come. Such gift can be amended according to your wish at any point in time, and can include any type of asset which you would like to dedicate.
  • Adopt A Student scholarship: The program offers donors the opportunity to develop a close relationship with their students. Your gift of $3,600 will pay for a scholarship for one student for one academic year. Students typically correspond regularly with donors and wonderful relationships are forged. For full details click here!

How can you support Shenkar? 3 ways to bring us forward:

  • By phone: +972-3-611-0087
  • By Post: Shenkar College, Alon Askal, Anna Frank 12, Post code 5252626, Israel
  • By E-Mail: Please fill in the following form with your details:

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