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Shenkar is committed to providing its students with the support they need to focus on their studies and future careers. With many applicants from less financially stable backgrounds, we endeavour to assist students with sourcing the additional funds required to meet their expenses. As such, we warmly welcome much needed subsidy in order to ensure the talent of current and prospective students is not overlooked. The college extends an invitation to the wider international community to consider assisting these students. By doing so, your generosity can enable an individual to begin their creative journey here at Shenkar.

Scholarships based on financial need, and creativity and excellence: Scholarship donations (in part or full) will assist with funding the tuition fee, costing $3000 per year. It can assist those who are exceptionally gifted and talented in creativity.

Capital projects: Capital Projects contribute substantially to the longevity of Shenkar’s future. Previous donations include equipment, facilities and architectural contributions allowing campus growth.

A legacy gift: The legacy gift enables a personal and unique donation of one’s choosing, that has lasting significance to the donor and the institution.

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Adopt a Student: The program offers much more than a donation, but a lasting, meaningful friendship. It enables the donor to invest in a student’s journey, witnessing their academic and personal growth.

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