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Without a doubt, Shenkar would not be the vibrant, energetic college that it is without our wonderful students. Coming from diverse backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities – they represent a broad spectrum of Israeli society and beyond. With many students beginning academic studies after the compulsory military service, they join with a more mature outlook: aware of their focus and eager to develop knowledge and skills.  


At Shenkar, students have their own agency – learning through activities that are meaningful and relevant to each individual, driven by their interests, and often self-initiated with appropriate guidance from teachers. 



As such, students have a voice and choice in how they learn. Supporting this, are two crucial organisations – the Student Union and the Dean of Students – which work in close dialogue with Shenkar's administration and are considered in every decision-making process. 


  • The Student Union is part of the National Student Union, a registered and independent non-profit organization, and the official body representing all the students of the college. Student Union aims to be an active resource: safeguarding student interests, while providing solutions in the areas of social welfare, social involvement and academic assistance. As such, students view them as the driving force that transforms the fabric of social, cultural and academic life at Shenkar. To find out more on the projects run by the Student Union, please check their website: www.myaguda.ac.il 


  • The Dean of Students Office is part of the administrative structure of Shenkar and is responsible for the welfare of students during their studies, assisting in solving personal, economic and social problems, providing a bridge between the institution and the students. The office has created dedicated facilities for students, like the HILA centre and the scholarship program, and runs key social projects that reach beyond the Shenkar community.    

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