Located east of Tel Aviv, in the buzzing, high-tech hub of Ramat Gan, is home to Shenkar Campus. Comprised of eight main buildings, it spreads across three sites – each within walking distance of one another.

The main campus disperses calming, outdoor communal spaces amongst the educational structures, where students relax, mingle and bask in the glorious Israeli sun. Within this compact, urban site, we are proud of the progress we have recently made to make areas more accessible and accommodating to all, integrating ramps and wheelchair platform stair-lifts.

Thanks to the generosity of our dedicated donors, the campus continues to evolve, acquiring many new structures and extensions over the years. In 2014, the Pernick Building underwent a transformative renovation by architects Amir Mann and Ami Shinar, receiving its contemporary signature look with playfully colored balconies. This successful project was awarded the Best Educational Building 2016 by DOMUS magazine, Israel.

More recent additions include two designs by renowned architect Dr. Joseph Cory – the Workshop Building (2019) and the Kadar Centre (2015). With an ethos of sustainable architecture, Cory’s ‘EcoTubes’ design for the Workshop Building is wonderfully filled with natural light and includes state-of-the-art facilities and equipment – ideal for students to create, develop and materialize their ideas.

The Kadar Centre recalls the history of the campus site, which existed as an orange grove in the 1920s. The original 90-year-old structure, used for sorting and packing the oranges, was sensitively renovated by Cory, preserving and respecting the historical narrative within its design. Now home to the plastic workshop and the gaming center, it flourishes with student activity.

Another remarkable structure is the Elite Building, built in 1935 in International style (locally nicknamed the Bauhaus style), and protected under the preservation status.This historic building, formerly occupied by the chocolate factory of the Elite Company, hence the name, is now home to the Department of Multidisciplinary Art. It too bustles with energy, providing spacious display areas and a fantastic avant-garde backdrop to the students work.

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