Polymer Materials Engineering With a Minor in Industrial Design

Brand New! A New Track in the Department: Polymer Materials Engineering With a Minor in Industrial Design (Four-Year Track in the Department of Polymer Materials Engineering)

This track, together with a corresponding track that will open later in the Department of Industrial Design, is the first implementation of a vision whereby the engineering and design faculties at Shenkar collaborate on a full bachelor’s degree program. 

Identifying the needs of the future job market, Shenkar decided to open this track as the initial phase of a plan to add more cross-disciplinary, cross-faculty courses. Uniting the field of industrial design with the technological and engineering aspects of the field of materials is highly valuable, and this connection has already been made in many advanced work environments today. The new track will prepare graduates for the work environments of the future and equip them to contribute to development and innovation processes in a variety of fields.

The course of study will familiarize students with the principles of design thinking and activity and the processes of product development, with an emphasis on innovation and holistic thinking about the needs of the users and the environment. A special curriculum has been developed for the track. It integrates specialized engineering courses, in which students will receive a variety of demonstrations and models; studio courses shared by both departments and conducted in collaboration with partners in the industry; theoretical classes on design theory and history; and guest lectures, workshops, factory tours, and introductions to various manufacturing processes.

In the first and second years of the track, students in the Department of Polymer Materials Engineering will take design courses made available to them by the Department of Industrial Design and taught by experienced professors with an interdisciplinary approach to education. 

In the third year, students from both departments will come together in joint studio courses (Project-Based Learning – PBL). In these courses, emphasis will be placed on themes that are relevant to both fields, while fostering partnerships with industry bodies. 

In the fourth year, students may collaborate in mixed groups for the final project, and/or work under the supervision of senior lecturers from both departments.

Over the course of the four-year track, there will be various joint activities, including guest lectures delivered by lecturers from Israel and abroad; guided tours of industry bodies, factories, and innovation centers; and visits to museums, exhibitions, and design events.

Shown at the top of the page: the final project of Ben David Alom, graduate of the Department of Industrial Design

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