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The Department of Multidisciplinary Art offers a layered and integrated learning environment, in which all fields of knowledge and creativity, which are relevant for today’s artist, are addressed - including manual studio work, digital computer processing, as well as historical and theoretical studies.

The department offers its students a broad foundation of means for expression and patterns of thinking, such as painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, video and print, while encouraging them to develop their own unique point of view. During their studies, the students elect their own fields of specialization and focus on their individual work within such fields.

The department is the only department in the Tel Aviv area offering a B.F.A degree. Shenkar’s location within the tumultuous fabric of the metropolitan Dan area, turns the city itself, with all its art institutions and varied populations, into a natural, dynamic environment for art studies.

Studies mostly take place in the historic former factory of the Elite Company, which has been preserved and renovated for the purposes of the Department of Multidisciplinary Art. The building is equipped with all the means required for the studies and for studio work in the various art disciplines. Some of the studies take place in Shenkar’s main campus, a short 10 minutes’ walk from the department’s building.

The department’s faculty is comprised of well renowned artists, as well as researchers and curators, including: Prof. Larry Abramson, Gilad Offir, Gilad Efrat, Michal Becky, Gal Weinstein, Masha Josephpolsky, Dana Levy, Sasha Sarber, Sharon Poliakin, Doron Forman, Roy Cooper and Dani Karavan. Among the teachers of culture, history and theoretical studies are Dr. Vered Zaphran Ganny, Dr. Meirav Yerushalmi, Dr. Sara Lotan, Dr. Asaf Pinkus and Yigal Zalmona.

The Department of Multidisciplinary Art’s faculty regard it as a challenge for creating a productive environment, which will produce quality artists, who are highly knowledgeable of the arts, curious and raise curiosity in all various disciplines of the arts.

The advantage offered by the Department of Multidisciplinary Art is the choice of specializations during the studies. The department’s graduates are artists specializing in two of the various disciplines taught, as well as a rich and extensive theoretical background in all the disciplines taught during the four years of studies. However, the department does not intend its graduates to become multidisciplinary artists, but rater artists focused in one medium, such as: painting, sculpting, photography, video, print, critique and curation, while still possessing extensive background and knowledge of other disciplines.

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