The Curriculum: Multidisciplinary Art School

A deep, comprehensive knowledge of art history, an understanding of the theoretical issues at the heart of cultural discourse and the ability to research and formulate verbally and in writing - are the essential tools for the artist. Therefore, theoretical studies, history and art critique are provided by the department, in addition to studio studies.

During their four years of study, students are introduced to six time periods in art history, as well as to Israeli art, critical reading of artistic texts, elective courses, a proseminar and two seminars.

To complement the knowledge obtained in the various courses, personal guidance is added as of the second year - this accompanies the student through his/her personal work. The student’s independent work gains in importance throughout the third and fourth years and therefore, the personal guidance assumes the center of the study process during the advanced years.

The heart of the learning experience in the Multidisciplinary Art School is the multidisciplinary seminar, a permanent, continuous group forum into which various fields of knowledge flow, and in which the learning community develops a critical discussion of students’ works, as well as general theoretical problems. The multidisciplinary seminar discussions revolve around an annually changing thematic axis.

During their second year, students must submit a proseminar work within the framework of the seminar. The multidisciplinary seminar is led by a different senior lecturer each year, who is joined during the year by lecturers from other disciplines and guests from Israel and abroad, allowing the students close acquaintance with a wide variety of world views.

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