Beginning this coming semester, a selection of courses throughout all of Shenkar's academic departments will be offered in English for the first time, on a formal basis. What does this mean in practice? Course lectures will be conducted in English, as will be most of the dialogue between faculty and the students. Final projects and presentations will be submitted in English. Tests and quizzes will be available in English and in Hebrew upon request. As this is the initial pilot run of the project, students and faculty alike will be afforded with the flexibility that they may require to overcome any language barriers during the semester. 

International Office in collaboration with the English Unit of Shenkar have initiated and will offer the following help to students who are taking part in EMI courses:

  • English Support Center – the center take a form of a Moodle course and is going to offer the students a vast array of English-language resources available for access at any time and helping them improve their English performance independently;
  • Additional English classes for EMI students - students taking part in EMI courses will be aided by English Unit instructors, focusing on their academic writing. In Semester A this help will occur virtually via Zoom sessions, either in one-on-one format or in small groups of students of similar level. The goal of this initiative is to create a tailor-made support program for each student to help them improve on their academic / professional English skills and ensure that their performance in the class is minimally affected by the language;
  • Student tutors - Shenkar student volunteers with excellent English skills will be available to work with students on their conversational English as well as required skills for EMI participation;
  • Remedial English specialist at HILA Center - EMI students with learning disabilities registered at HILA Center will be provided with a specialist able to address both their English performance needs and the learning struggle.
  • Curriculum of the English Unit in 2020-2021 will be restructured in such a way that Advanced English classes would be directly interconnected with EMI courses (using same reading materials, glossaries, making emphasis on academic English and performance in class). 

These services will be provided by dedicated units of Shenkar. Coordination of the activities is supervised by the International Office, which is also the direct address for student inquiries. For any questions regarding this program, you can contact international@shenkar.ac.il.

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