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Industries in Israel and abroad which are based on polymers and plastics technologies have been the foundation for advanced and modern industries that are constantly developing and innovating.

In Israel, the Plastics Industry exports directly more than 2.5 billion dollars of products in addition to supplying the local market with additional 2 billion dollars of goods. In addition, high tech industries integrate plastic components and systems in their products which amount to additional billions of dollars.

The advancement of the Plastics industry depends on high level of academic human resources. The Department of Plastics Engineering at Shenkar is the only department in Israel qualifying plastics engineers for Bachelor’s Degrees (B.Sc.) and Master’s Degrees (M.Sc.) in research.

The department includes approx. 120 students, 7 full-time senior faculty members and 2 part-time junior faculty members.

Some of the faculty Members are scientists from the polymers field who have been trained by leading research facilities and gained significant experience in the industry. Most of these members are consultants for advanced projects in Israel and abroad.

The Graduates are trained to serve in development, design and management positions in the plastics industries involving: aviation, microelectronics, medicine, defense, nanotechnology, agriculture, lacquers and adhesives and DIY products. Plastics are also used substantially in packaging, building, automotive, medical, consumer products and hi-tech industries.

During the past 15 years, the department has enjoyed a high level of advancement, both with respect to the level of staff and with respect to infrastructure, such as modern teaching and research laboratories. The department was established by the Plastics and Rubber Manufacturers Society as a center for education and training for the whole plastics industry, and as such, has strong ties with the polymers and plastics industry in Israel.

Externally funded projects, as well as the final projects of the 4th year students are carried out in the Center for Polymer Research in the name of the late Joseph Sagol.

The department boasts strong ties with universities in the USA, offering PhD programs and faculty exchange programs:

  • The University of Massachusetts at Lowell: Until now, 2 students received their Master’s Degree, 5 graduates received their PhD and 3 additional students are currently working on their PhD in plastics engineering. The courses take place at UML, while the research is carried out in the laboratories of the Department of Plastics Engineering at Shenkar. The students are supported financially by the Pernick family, the Israeli Industry and the Israel Plastics and Rubber Center.
  • The Polymers Department at the Akron University: one student is currently studying for PhD in plastics engineering.
  • The Materials Department at Penn State University: an arrangement similar to that of UML. Studies will be held at Penn State University, while the thesis work will be carried out at Shenkar.

The department offers 3 majors:

  • Packaging and Green Plastics
  • Plastics Products Design
  • Bio-Medical Materials

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