Curriculum and Majors: The School of Industrial Engineering and Management

Studies at Shenkar’s School of Industrial Engineering and Management last four years, during which the students acquire basic scientific tools (mathematics, physics, computerization, and statistics), knowledge in the various spheres of engineering and technology (machinery, electronics, computers, chemistry, and plastics), as well as the social sciences and management (organization, economy, marketing, and financing).

During their studies the students acquire knowledge on the core methods of industrial engineering engaging with system operational research, simulation, operations planning and management, planning work and improving methods, quality, computerization, and information systems, as well as purchasing and logistics. Ahead of their third year of study the students are asked to choose one of two majors:

Digital Systems Management: Emphasis in this major is placed on the use of computerized systems for management purposes as well as engineering and technological purposes, on developing skills for planning and implementing computerized communications networks, integrated computer systems, and monitoring information system analysis projects and their assimilation in an organization.

Operations and Service Management: This major, which constitutes the core of industrial engineering, provides students with comprehensive training in all aspects of using tools to analyze engineering and industrial systems, including integrated computer and robotics systems. The students also acquire knowledge on techniques for contending with human factors, analysis of human performance in engineering systems, designing factory layouts, project management, and more.

Shenkar’s School of Industrial Engineering and Management also offers BSc students a comprehensive cluster of courses associated with innovation and entrepreneurship. Students completing courses in this cluster will be eligible for a diploma from the School of Industrial Engineering and Management.

Studies at the School are supported by advanced engineering laboratories that offer specific areas of specialization, including a computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) laboratory, ARENA simulation software, ERP software for advanced operations management, and CRM software for customer relationship management.

In their fourth year of study the students’ academic focus is primarily devoted to their final project which is based on fieldwork in a manufacturing, service, or business organization. The project is carried out in teams, and constitutes an integrative implementation of the diverse theoretical and practical tools the students have acquired during their studies, such as collecting and analyzing relevant data, analyzing processes, identifying problems, and solving and improving performance.

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